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Mirjam & Cara

Mirjam Schulpen:  For over 20 years I have been working with people as individuals and in groups. As a CNCV-certified trainer, coach and mediator, I like to help people in both work and private settings navigate through moments of sadness and joy, conflict and calm. It is my passion to help create clarity, understanding and cooperation.

After graduating (University of Utrecht and Barcelona), I followed various courses and trainings (including Connecting2life and BTA) in order to support people. I am very inspired by Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and mindfulness. NVC helps me to have loving relationships with my children, partner and others, without losing myself. It is a concrete, practical tool that I use everyday. Mindfulness helps me to find inner peace and grounding. It also helps me to make contact with my unpleasant feelings. I have been meditating for 20 years.

I become happy when I can share what has helped me with my own experiences in cooperation and relationships, loss, change, illness, violence, stigma, divorce, co-parenting, mindful parenting. This focus via Mirjam Schulpen Training & Coaching gives me energy as I help people find their own wisdom and truth. My dream is that being with unpleasant emotions is as welcome and normal as being with pleasure and laughter.

I also enjoy supporting teams in becoming aware of choices that are available, no matter how stressful or painful the situation may be. This way empowerment, freedom and space can arise and concrete steps can be taken to improve the atmosphere and cooperation.

I believe in a ‘culture without mistakes’, in which people can try and learn. I enjoy diversity because I have lived and worked in Spain, Africa and Central America and am experienced in connecting with people from other cultures.

I have a passion for languages and I speak fluent Dutch, English, Spanish, French and (slightly less) Catalan and German. In these languages ​​I can give sessions and trainings.

Cara Crisler:  I love humans, seeing what drives them, their pure intentions, the diamonds they hide behind their mask or wall. There is so much beauty in each of us, and we all want to be seen for it, understood by others. This is when we experience connection, something that drives me very much in life. I used to confuse this with being harmony-driven . . . couldn’t say “no” to anyone, experienced a lot of inner conflict (like guilt, or being torn) and overworked myself. Fortunately, I learned how to make conscious choices that are fulfilling for me in a variety of ways.

Now, I focus my work on supporting others to find more ease in connection and a healthy work/life balance. I help people in all different kinds of relationship situations by guiding them first in having honest, sincere conversations with themselves. Next comes more ease in being honest with others, connecting even in conflict situations and finding win-win outcomes.

As a CNVC-certified coach, mediator and trainer, I base much of my work on Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication (NVC) model, which I have been studying and practicing since 2011. I started on this path long before I met NVC. In the U.S. (my country of origin), I worked for 15 years with community partnerships, supporting them to communicate and plan strategically together. This came with many challenges, because of the diversity of backgrounds and interests among the team members. I relied on my planning degree along with facilitation and mediation training.

Now, next to being a personal coach and couple mediator, I also work as trainer with teams who value and wish to bring more humanity and connection into the workplace. Via Crisler Coaching & Consulting I offer individual and couple sessions and also give regular workshops, team trainings and courses.

I am accredited by the European Mentoring & Coaching Council and am compliant with the EMCC Global Code of Ethics for Coaches & Mentors.

Mirjam and Cara

We also collaborate with our colleague, Paige Zarganis (click here to see her website).

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