These times of a worldwide pandemic bring about loss and change as well as reflection and learning opportunities.

We recognize the growing need for support and skills to help navigate our private and work lives.

We  contribute to this via our unique offer of CONNECTION SESSIONS. You can read about our offers below and check out this video interview (4.5 min). We welcome you to contact us to learn more.

  Just for you
  • Empathic coaching sessions
    One-hour online video session(s) for you to express, be fully heard (starting with your “chaos” if that’s what’s there) and reach inner clarity and your next, doable steps for more personal empowerment and fulfillment. These sessions can play a major role in situations such as dealing with heavy losses, loneliness, depression and burn-out prevention (just to name a few).
  • Compassionate leadership coaching sessions
    One-hour online video session(s) for leaders to receive support, understanding and inner clarity about your next, doable steps for more fulfillment for you and your team. These sessions can help you experience support, empowerment and choice about how you bring humanity and compassion into your leadership style during challenging times.
For two or more
  • Family / Couple / Home Harmony
    1 to 1.5-hour online session for (working) parents with children and teenagers at home. While giving you each empathic space for full expression, we help you drill down to the family’s full set of needs (yours and your children’s). THEN you explore creative strategies for moving forward – in harmonious ways.
  • Connecting in Conflict
    1 to 1.5-hour online session for any 2 people experiencing conflict and wish to be better understood and seek working outcomes.
 For groups & teams
  • Group connection sessions
    Facilitated online video sessions for teams (up to 12) who are undergoing or need to get through challenging conversations, such as tough decisions, working through conflict, or just sharing and connecting, heart-to-heart. We facilitate in a way that each voice has a chance to be heard and where needed, the team finds agreements that work for everyone. (Length of time will vary).
  • Team trainings
    Online video team trainings for growing and learning together, which can bring shared awareness and meaningful connection. Training themes include: mutual well-being support, empathic listening, giving and receiving feedback, facilitating (online) meetings, coaching skills, and conflict resolution skills.
  • Working together through change circles
    Online video group sessions for teams wanting a compassionate, safe space where you can be fully with the change and losses (of any size) you’re experiencing. Your mourning is welcome as you are invited to express uncensored about your feelings and needs. This practice helps you cultivate calm, care for yourself and your colleagues and team, as well as give you direction and reconnect to your joy and celebration.

Read on to learn about usour offer, past clients, their testimonials, and upcoming training opportunities.

Are you wanting to boost connection in your personal life, as a leader and/or in your team? Start a connecting conversation with us! Let us hear from you here and initiate a free exploratory call. Together, we’ll discuss a tailored coaching and training package that will support you or your team for the long-term.

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