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Na jullie drie trainingen hoorde ik inspirerende verhalen van mijn team en merk ik zichtbare effecten op de werkvloer. Het begint echt wat gemoedelijker te worden in het team. Soms wordt ook spontaan benoemd dat men al meer ‘één team’ begint te ervaren, er is echt wel een ontwikkeling merkbaar. Mooi om te ervaren. En… het verzuimpercentage is gedaald sinds de training. Mensen lijken met meer plezier en vertrouwen naar het werk te komen nu en het is een stuk prettiger qua werksfeer. Vrijwel iedereen benoemt dat ook. Soms hoor ik flink gelach uit de verpleegpost, daar geniet ik van, dat gebeurde voorheen vrijwel nooit.”     –teamleider ouderenpsychiatrie GGz

Jullie passie, liefde, warmte, professionaliteit, kennis, maar vooral de kunde om deze kennis over te brengen, hebben mij positief geïnspireerd en mij het vertrouwen gegeven om als counselor te gaan werken.   –Jorgos, deelnemer counselor-training

As a follow-up to ConnectingCommunication’s training, we have taken steps to improve internal communication and better engage relevant levels of staff in decision-making processes especially within the existing teams. Personally, I am also more conscious about the way that I express (jackal versus giraffe attitude), and try to apply the NVC method when I can. I believe it has had a real impact which is reflected in staff morale and a greater set of ‘soft skills.’   –Carlos Tarazona, FAO, OED

I had the privilege of attending ConnectingCommunication’s 3-day training for our organization. Our goal was to become more effective not only with our advocacy but also be in tune with our own feelings and emotions about others who eat meat. In this very insightful training, we learned many ways to connect with ourselves, to listen with empathy and we learned the different steps in NVC. Cara was very open in sharing her own experiences and was flexible enough to adapt it to our needs. I really appreciate all the thought and effort put in for tailoring the training for our group. We all felt safe and connected to open up and share our feelings. I feel empowered now to use NVC in my daily life at work and home. I would highly recommend her workshops or personal coaching to connect in conflicts either at work or in personal life. It is a skill we could all use in this busy, crazy world.   –Asha Shivaram, VLV International Coordinator

Thank you Mirjam and Cara for facilitating a beautiful and nurturing NVC weekend intensive at ArtEZ, University of the Arts, Arnhem. I so much appreciated your responsiveness, curiosity and creativity in relating to all participants in the group, including myself. I experienced great care and patience from both of you in creating a space of trust in which people felt seen and safe enough to express what was alive in them. I am very much looking forward for us to continue to learn and grow within the NVC consciousness. -Pascale Gatzen, Head of Master Fashion Design, ArtEZ, University of the Arts, Arnhem

The workshop with Cara and Mirjam has helped us have clear and connecting conversations with each other and our children. It gave us inspiration on how to build a compassionate community where all needs are welcome. -Scott Dalby, Tolkresj

I enjoy inviting you each year to teach empathy to the students in my UvA Anthropology Methods class. As part of ethnographic and interviewing skills, it is important that they can tune into the experience of others with acceptance and understanding. Some students have told me that it was their favorite lecture of the entire class, which means you contributed to their learning and brought inspiration to the course.   –Danny de Vries, professor of Anthropology, UvA

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