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NVC Practice Courses

New offerings for the Fall of 2021 combine learning Adult learnersand practice that focuses on participants’ current situations / learning questions. It involves minimal teaching theory and more meeting and supporting you where you are, using the principles of NVC*. We have found that this is an effective way to increase engagement, connection and embodied learning in a group setting. It is requested that you have at least read Marshall Rosenberg’s book, Nonviolent Communication: a language of life or have followed an introductory course.

  • Each practice course involves a commitment of 5 consecutive sessions
  • Group size ranges from 8-20 participants
  • Each session costs €10 euro per hour pp
  • Full payments are to be made upfront
  • Online practice courses consist of five 2-hour sessions and cost €100 (tax-free)
  • In-person practice courses consist of five 3-hour sessions in Amsterdam and cost €150 (tax-free)
  • To sign up, provide name and preferences (online / in-person / theme) here

The following themed practice courses will be facilitated by Cara Crisler or Mirjam Schulpen and start in September 2021 (followed by new or continued courses):

Bridging the Gap Practice Course
Related to current global problems such as systemic racism, climate change and infectious diseases is a growing division among people. We all seem to be touched by it – families, friends, colleagues, neighbors, etc. Perhaps you are looking for ways to bridge the gap . . . find connection even when there is little shared reality? In this practice group, we will share our situations, be heard and engage in role-plays, exploring the choices of self-connection, honest expression and empathetic listening.

Inner Conflict Practice Course
(description forthcoming)

Self-Compassion Practice Course
(description forthcoming) 

Practice Course for Couples
(description forthcoming)

Practice Course for Coaches
(description forthcoming) 

Grief Course
(description forthcoming)


*NVC, developed by Marshall Rosenberg, is a simple, extremely powerful tool for improving communication in all our relationships. It helps us to see clearly what blocks our language from being effective. It teaches us what we can do differently to create mutual understanding, connection, balance, and more.