Our Offer

How can your team learn to deal effectively with differences and conflict?

Efficient collaboration is essential at every workplace, but colleagues often react differently to conflicts, including attacking, defending, avoiding or shutting down. Effective skills to resolve conflicts can have a major positive impact on the individual employee, the team and on the quality of the work.

Next to being coaches and mediators, Cara and Mirjam are trainers working with teams who value and wish to bring more humanity into the workplace. We enjoy building “connecting communication” skills as a means for increasing mutual understanding, creative solutions productivity and work satisfaction.

Our trainings are tailored for each unique team, often combining coaching and training. We teach skills for dealing with conflict via honest expression, active listening, saying and hearing “no,” giving meaningful feedback, and finding clear agreements for win-win outcomes.

We work eagerly with teams that:

  • recognize that communication is key to effectiveness and productivity;
  • believe that “connecting communication” skill-building can bring about meaningful change;
  • include different levels of leadership in trainings and other development efforts; and
  • recognize change involves a longer-term commitment.

Our approaches include:

  • listening sessions (to clarify the needs in your team)
  • coaching (individuals and/or small teams)
  • mediation (to help resolve tough conflicts)
  • training (the entire team, including leadership)

We also offer private sessions for individuals and couples as well as mediation for colleagues, family members, etc. For more information on these services, see our websites:   www.crislercoaching.com & www.mirjamschulpen.nl

Start a connecting conversation with us. Let us know who you are here, and within no time we’ll start exploring together what a tailored coaching & training package can look like for your team.